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Shreveport man arrested on 56 counts of possessing and distributing child pornography

A Shreveport man is behind bars accused of distributing and possessing thousands of child pornographic images.

53-year-old Daniel Bissell was arrested on Thursday and is facing six counts of child porn distribution and 50 counts of possession.

Troopers say in March, the SVU began an investigation into the downloading and distribution of child sexual abuse material, and during the investigation, Bissell was identified as a suspect. A search warrant was executed Thursday at Bissell’s home with the assistance of several other local agencies.

In an interview with him, Bissell admitted to sharing the files and estimated he had roughly 5,000 images in his possession.

During an interview, LSP says Bissell admitted to sharing and possessing child sexual abuse material. He estimated that he possessed about 5,000 files. Bissell was booked into Caddo Correctional Center and no bond has been set.

Louisiana State Police say they are maintaining close partnerships with other law enforcement agencies and will continue to work to locate and arrest those individuals who choose to participate in the crime of distributing and/or possessing child sexual abuse images.

Teen injured in south Shreveport shooting; suspect sought

Police say it happened before 2 a.m. in the 3000 block of Colquitt Road at Colony Square Apartments. That’s near Shreveport’s Southern Hills area.

Officers say a 17-year-old showed up to a Shreveport hospital in a private vehicle with a gunshot wound to his leg.

The young man told officers he was walking through the complex when a man driving a white car shot at him, hitting him in the right leg.

He is expected to recover from his injuries. No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information is asked to call Shreveport police at (318) 673-7300 or Shreveport-Caddo CrimeStoppers at (318) 673-7373, visit the group’s website, or the P3Tips app to submit information anonymously.

Shreveport police wrestling with spread of COVID-19

In addition to crime, the already short-handed Shreveport Police Department (SPD) is also battling the coronavirus.

Chief Ben Raymond did not give specific numbers. But he did respond by email to our questions after KTBS received an anonymous tip from someone claiming to be an SPD employee. They said the virus is spreading at police headquarters.

Raymond replied, “We have had several employees test positive for COVID 19 within the last two weeks and several more are being quarantined as a precautionary measure and based on CDC and Louisiana Department of Health guidelines.”

The chief says no divisions or units of the SPD are shut down. But he said some units have temporarily moved offices or are operating more remotely because of the pandemic. He did not specify which units.

However, Shreveport Police Officers Association President Michael Carter said, “The sudden outbreak is large. There needs to be changes to flatten the curve. Patrol officers are heavily affected and they cannot work from home.”

Raymond says employees are having their temperatures checked on a daily basis when they report to work.

“Those with temperatures higher than 100.4 degrees are being sent home and told to contact their healthcare provider,” Raymond said.

He adds that public entry is limited at the SPD; surfaces are being cleaned and disinfected often; professional cleaners are being used in areas of concern.

The chief says roll calls are suspended. And personnel are spending as little time as possible inside common areas of the building.

This comes as many more officers have left the SPD. The chief told the city council this week that 39 officers have gone to greener pastures so far this year.

Meantime, Raymond said the SPD is monitoring the pandemic closely, and taking the right steps to prevent spread of the virus.

Strong Storms Possible Friday

Good morning and happy Friday! We have finally made it to the end of yet another long week, but we are tracking numerous shower and storm chances across the ArkLaTex on Friday.

A cold front that we have been talking about all week has arrived and will be bringing heavy rain along with the potential for some gusty winds today. Behind the front we are expecting some rare comfortable weather as we kick off the month of August. The lower humidity in fact could be sticking around with us through most of next week along with ample sunshine.

So as you are getting ready to head out the door this morning it is a good idea to grab some rain gear if you haven’t already run into some showers and storms across the ArkLaTex. Scattered rain and thunderstorms activity this morning will develop into a more consistent line of storms as we move into the afternoon hours. In these storms we are expecting some very heavy rain along with frequent lightning and thunder. There is a low potential for severe weather as well this afternoon with the main concern being strong winds and some large hail. Expect highs to day today to be in the upper 80s.

As we move into the weekend we are expecting the showers and storms to move out and some very comfortable air for this time of year to move in. While an isolated shower is possible during the day Saturday for the most part we are expecting tranquil conditions over the weekend for the ArkLaTex. The biggest thing you will notice is how much more comfortable it will feel over the weekend. While high temperatures will still be near the 90 degree mark the humidity will be more typical of late May than of early August for the region.

As we transition into next week and first full week of August we are tracking rising temperatures, but for the most part mugginess staying in check across the region. Temperatures during the week will be slowly rising into the mid 90s, but due to the lower humidity the heat will feel tame compared to what is possible for this time of year. In additions to the comfortable air, we are tracking little in the way of rain chances as we go through next week.

So after we deal with the storms today get ready for some rare comfortable weather as we kick off August! Have a great weekend!

CDC Director: “Greater Risk” In Keeping Schools Closed

The Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, is pushing to get schools back to in-person learning as fast as possible.

Dr. Robert R. Redfield is the Director of the CDC, and has become one of the faces of the United States response to the COVID-19 pandemic. At times he and his organization have sent mixed signals about what the US should be doing to combat the virus outbreak. But on reopening schools across the country, Dr. Redfield sounds pretty clear.

During a recent webinar with The Buck Institute, Dr. Redfield had some clear concerns about the risks of keeping schools closed this year due to COVID-19. Here are some of the major quotes from the CDC Director:

“I happen to balance the risk here. It’s not risk of school openings versus public health. It’s public health versus public health. And I’m of the point of view, and I weigh that equation as an individual that has 11 grandchildren, that the greater risk is actually to the nation to keep these schools closed.”

The risks that the CDC Director describes are actually in many forms. Including risks we’ve already witnessed in the Shreveport and Bossier areas curing the school closures in the Spring. Here are the surface risks the CDC Director sees:

“You know, a lot of kids get their mental health services, over 7 million, in school. A lot of people get food and nutrition in schools. Schools are really important in terms of mandatory reporting sexual and child abuse. Obviously, the socialization is important. And, obviously, for some kids, I think actually a majority of kids, their learning in a face-to-face school is the most effective method of teaching.”

But there’s a far more deadly issue that the CDC Director brought up for students. Dr. Redfield pointed to the increased numbers in suicides among students, and the relation to COVID-19:

“But there has been another cost that we’ve seen, particularly in high schools. We’re seeing, sadly, far greater suicides now than we are deaths from COVID. We’re seeing far greater deaths from drug overdose that are above excess that we had as background than we are seeing the deaths from COVID. So this is why I keep coming back for the overall social being of individuals, is let’s all work together and find out how we can find common ground to get these schools open in a way that people are comfortable and their safe.”

Dr. Redfield spent a lot of time in the webinar talking about the risk management in reopening schools. By explaining all of the issues with keeping schools closed, including food safety, distance learning struggles, and suicide risk among high school students, it creates a balance to consider against the impact of the virus on children. Which is something he addressed directly as well. The CDC Director broke down the risk of COVID-19 among school children:

“I think it is important to try to be factual as we go through this. When we look at, right now, the mortality of this particular COVID virus, in the first almost 218,000 people we looked at February to July, there was 52 individuals under the age of 18. And if I recollect, about 35 were actually school age. Some of them were younger than school age. We’re looking critically at those individuals. And, you know, clearly, there’s an increase in comorbidities related to significant medical conditions that we already […unintelligible…]. But I think that’s important because what that means, actually, is the risk per 100,000, so far, you know, into the outbreak, six months into it, is, in fact, that we’re looking at about .1 per 100,000. So another way to say that, it’s one in a million. Now, I’m not trying to belittle that, I’m just trying to make sure we look at it proportional. Because if you do the same thing for influenza deaths for school-age children over the last five years, they’re anywhere from five to 10 times greater. So I want people to understand the risk properly as they make that decision. And, obviously, influenza, we also benefit from having therapy and a vaccine. So I don’t want people to overestimate the risk of serious illness to individuals that are school age.”

With minimal dangers for students from COVID-19, and the increasing concerns around student suicide, food safety, and other critical issues, its easy to see why the CDC Director would be pushing to open schools.

Could This be the Fastest Gas Pump in Shreveport-Bossier?

We have hundreds, if not thousands of gas pumps in Shreveport-Bossier, but I am convinced that I’ve found the fastest.

In today’s day and age, we’re all on-the-go and we like to save time whenever we can. My friends, never again should any of us wait on an annoying slow gas pump. Never again should any of us worry about our gas-pumping speed. No, that is forever a problem in the past.

On a side-note, if we’re being completely serious, is there anything as absolutely frustrating as an incredibly slow gas pump. You feel like you’ve been at the pump for 5 minutes only to realize you’ve just put in $3.43 cents worth of gas. I’m genuinely angry while typing this.

I have the worst luck when it comes to gas pumps. It doesn’t matter where I go, or what pump I park next to.. My pump will always be slow, and most of the time, it will be the pump that stops ever .5 seconds.

That all has changed now, and things are looking up. Perfectenschlag as my friend Dwight Schrute would say.

So this past weekend, I was DJing a wedding at the lovely Caspiana wedding venue on Highway 1 in Shreveport. On the way there, I stopped for gas at The Relay Station. Look, I’m telling you, I have nothing to gain here. Without a doubt, that gas pump shot gas into my car faster than I can possibly explain. I put $20 on my pump and I would be surprised if it took more than one minute.

I was blown away.

Can anyone else vouch for my claim? If not, who do you think has the fastest gas pumps?

Louisiana small businesses to receive grant money through Main Street Recovery Program

On Tuesday, State Treasurer John M. Schroder, Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins, Bossier City Mayor Lo Walker, Greater Shreveport Chamber President Timothy Magner and North Louisiana Economic Partnership Board Chair Adam Johnston held a press conference at the Greater Shreveport Chamber regarding the launch of the Main Street Recovery Program.

$275 million from the CARES Act has been set aside for the Louisiana Main Street Recovery Program.

The program, Schroder says, is designed to reimburse small businesses for pandemic-related expenses through grants.

“I want to start off by giving credit to the legislators and the governor for recognizing the fact that small businesses across Louisiana are suffering. As a small business owner I understand the day to day issues we are faced with keeping the doors open,” Schroder said.

“This program kicked off this morning and I’m excited. I’ve been hearing the data as we drove up north today. Right now it’s an excess of 10,000 applications right now. We expect that to grow,” he added.

In June, Governor John Bel Edwards signed a bill enacting several COVID-19 relief funds including the Louisiana Main Street Recovery Fund.  For the first 21 days of the Program – grants will be given to businesses that didn’t receive federal assistance or insurance payments.   

Within 60 days, the program plans to award $40 million dollars to businesses owned by veterans, minorities, and women. The funds are limited, business owners are encouraged to start applying sooner than later.

“I did just get recent numbers, the ladies are kicking butt of the 1,100 minority. There’s a $40 million set aside for minority-owned businesses. Out of that 1,100 about 800 of them are females,” said Schroder.

Bossier City Mayor “Lo” Walker spoke briefly during the press conference encouraging veterans to apply.

“This is to help from COVID. So you can get more information from the site that they mentioned. And we urge old and new veterans to take advantage of this service. And thank you for your service,” said Walker.

The program offers two types of grant options for small businesses.

  • QuickRelief offers an abbreviated application process and reduced documentation requirements and will give grants of up to $5,000 to qualifying businesses who received $1,000 or less in federal funding or other assistance.
  • Cost Reimbursement will give grants of up to $15,000 to qualifying businesses that can show eligible expenses related to the pandemic.

For more information and to see about eligibility requirements go to     www.louisianamainstreet.com. 

Statewide unemployment protests to extend unemployment checks past tomorrow

Across the state of Louisiana, Thursday was #Savethe600 Unemployment Day of Action. Step Up Louisiana wanted protesters to go to their local US Senator or Representatives office to voice their opinions in extending the federal unemployment money. 

In Shreveport, protesters were in front of the office building of US Senator Bill Cassidy on Youree Drive. We The People organizer Caitlyn Douglas wants government officials to know that is very critical to extend the $600 unemployment checks for residents. 

“We are tired and fed up. We are not going anywhere until you get this done. If you want us to vote for you, then you need to put your money where your mouth is,” said Douglas.

If the government doesn’t reach an agreement soon, the funding is set to expire tomorrow. According to the Louisiana Workforce Commission, the maximum weekly unemployment benefit is $247.

Bistro Byronz to Close Permanently This Weekend

It breaks my heart to write this story. COVID-19 has officially claimed another iconic Shreveport business.

Maybe it was wishful thinking, but I was just mentioning to a co-worker today that I was happy I haven’t had to write an article about a local business closing in over a week. Then, as I went off to bed, I logged onto Facebook and stumbled across this sad news.

This evening, Bistro Byronz announced on Facebook that they would be closing permanently. The restaurant has stood proudly on in a great location on Line Ave for over ten years.

It’s safe to assume that the restaurant was hit particularly hard by COVID-19. I say that because after going to their Facebook page, I realized that prior to today, Bistro Byronz hasn’t posted or shared any content in over two months.

Sadly, it looks like we have until this Sunday to show our love and support to a business that has taken care of us and our appetites for over a decade.

Then, this evening, they broke their social media silence with the sad news. In the brief and to-the-point update, Bistro Byronz said the following:To our valued customers:As of Sunday, August 2nd Bistro Byronz will be permanently closed.

We would like to thank all of our regular customers and friends that patronized us over the last 10 years. It’s has been a pleasure to serve the community.

Help SPD identify theft suspects

The Shreveport Police Department is asking the public for help to identify two theft suspects.

According to SPD, officers responded to the Home Depot in the 100 block of East Bert Kouns on reports of theft.

When officers arrived they found out that a black male and a white male entered the business and did their shopping but walked out without paying for their things.

Home Depot surveillance was able to capture the two suspects and have released screenshots from the video to help identify the individuals.

Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to the identities and arrests of the suspects responsible for this crime. Contact them at 318-673-7373 or via app at P3tips.

Provide CAD # 20-119298 with the tip.

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