Home News Baby dies after young mom cut the umbiIical cord with a kitchen knife but failed to secure it after, then threw the child out the window

Baby dies after young mom cut the umbiIical cord with a kitchen knife but failed to secure it after, then threw the child out the window

by Erica Knowles

Philadelphia, PA – According to the police officials, the young mom and dad, later identified as 20-year-old EmiIy and 19-year-old Josshua, were taken into custody and later charged with multiple charges, including: criminaI homicide, concealing the death of an infant and other charges after they killed their baby. The responding officers discovered that the parents reportedly threw their baby out the window after the newborn bIed to death. 

Both parents were taken into custody on Tuesday and were both denied bond. The investigation began in March after officers responded to a 911 call regarding a dead baby on the street. The responding officers found the baby who was pronounced dead at the scene. Police officials said the baby boy still had the pIacenta attached after his parents threw him out the window. The medical examiner told investigators that the baby died due to severe bIood loss. During the investigation process, authorities spoke with people in the neighborhood, including the baby’s dad (SEE PHOTO), who reportedly told them that he didn’t know anything about the deceased newborn and that he was a vlrgin.

Roughly 2 weeks after the baby was found dead on the street, officers executed a warrant at the parents’ apartment. The responding officers reportedly found bIood in the apartment. During a follow-up interview with investigators, the baby’s dad reportedly said that he initially lied because ‘that’s his first reaction to something that’s distressing to him.’ The baby’s father also told investigators that EmiIy reportedly told him that she was pregnant 1 month before the fatal incident and he said that he wasn’t ready to be a dad. The baby’s dad also said that the baby’s mother picked their newborn and cut the umbiIical cord with a kitchen knife. The woman then failed to secure it afterward.

EmiIy then walked over to the bathroom window and threw the child from the window to the concrete pavement below. During an interview with investigators, EmiIy reportedly said that she didn’t go to the hospital because she didn’t had any money. The woman also said that she considered abortion, but didn’t go through with it. The young mom also told investigators that she believes that her baby died after she cut the umbiIical cord. The woman also admitted to throwing the baby out the window, but thinks that her child was already dead. Shortly after throwing her baby, the young mom went to sleep. 

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