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Caddo Parish Sheriff Long honors deputies for heroism and lifesaving efforts

by Erica Knowles
Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office

Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office

Shreveport, LA – Caddo Sheriff Jay Long presented departmental awards to several deputies today, recognizing their heroism and lifesaving efforts both on and off duty.

**Medal of Valor:**

Deputy Jon-Marco Daughtery and retired Lieutenant James Houston received the department’s highest honor, the Medal of Valor, for their courageous response to a domestic call on August 30. They rescued two citizens from a residence while a male suspect fired multiple shots at deputies from outside.

**Certificate of Distinguished Service:**

Deputies Chase Davidson, John Flash, Tyler Lummus, and Sergeant Tamara Kendrick were awarded the Certificate of Distinguished Service for their role in the same incident, safely removing the citizens from the residence while under fire from the suspect.

In an unrelated incident, Corporal Willie “Calvin” Williams, the school resource officer at Southwood High School, received a Certificate of Distinguished Service for preventing a student from re-entering campus after an altercation with a faculty member. Williams later discovered the student was armed and successfully recovered the weapon.

**Lifesaving Award:**

Deputies Daniel Allen, Kaylee Wright, Gerical Lawrence, Corporal Alvin Slay, Christopher Morgan, Derek Owen, and Corporal Robert Chapman, along with LPNs Joanne Beatty and Sheundra Murphy, were awarded the Lifesaving Award for reviving a Caddo Correctional inmate who had lost consciousness and stopped breathing.

Deputy Derek Owen, a School Resource Officer at Calvary Baptist Academy, also received the Lifesaving Award for performing the Heimlich Maneuver on a choking student.

Corporal Robert Chapman was honored with the Lifesaving Award for using his department-issued medical gear while off duty at the YMCA to assist a shooting victim who entered the lobby.

“These deputies demonstrated extraordinary skill and resourcefulness in times of need, saving the lives of citizens, and they deserve the utmost honor,” said Sheriff Long.

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