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Governor Landry opened the 2nd Extraordinary Session of 2024 focusing on crime, state officials said

by Erica Knowles

Shreveport, LA – According to the state officials, this special session begins to fulfill the campaign promises Governor Landry made to the people of Louisiana to make our safe state and protect our communities.

Remarks as prepared:

“Mr. Speaker,

Mr. President,   

Ladies and Gentlemen of the House and Senate,   

Thank you for your warm welcome and thank you all for the service to the people of our state whose hope for a safer Louisiana brings us to their Capitol.  The ongoing debate and day-to-day work we are deeply involved in   of improving our economy, of protecting our environment,  and  of reforming our education system; all lose significant meaning if our communities are not safe.      As Attorney General I warned that the goal of criminal justice reform should not be about letting people out of jail, but how to keep people from going to jail. 

Those warnings went unheeded.   Last year I promised the people of this state, if elected Governor, I would do everything within my power to improve the safety of our communities through both legislative and executive action.  Today we continue that process.  Everyone in this room is aware that crime has put a national spotlight on our great state.   

In 2021 Louisiana had the highest violent crime rate in the nation.  In 2022, three of our cities were in the top 10 most dangerous cities in America. 280 people were murdered that year in New Orleans alone, earning that city the title of “murder capital” of the country.    

Last year more children were murdered in New Orleans than any year in the past decade.   

While these statistics are sobering, they can seemingly be just numbers, or a passing news story.   

However, for the victims, it is life altering.  The effect of being a victim of crime does not end the day after. For most, the nightmare only begins.        

While these victims carry the burden of loss, they are also thrown into the unknowns of a criminal justice system that has forgotten them.”

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