CF Industries plans to invest $198.5 million to construct a CO2 compression and dehydration unit at its Ascension Parish plant in an effort to reduce carbon emissions

Ascension Parish, LA – According to the state officials, the project would create 12 new direct jobs with average salaries of $100,000 per year plus benefits.

The project is the second this year by a Louisiana company aimed at reducing existing greenhouse gas emissions, following Cleco’s April announcement of a $900 million investment to add carbon capture and sequestration to its Boyce, La., power plant. 

CF Industries would retain 521 existing jobs in the Capital Region. 

According to the statement, CF Industries estimates this project would enable up to 6,000 tons of process CO2 per day – as much as 2 million tons per year – to be captured, liquefied and transported via pipeline to a sequestration site yet to be determined.

This process would enable the company to produce up to 1.7 million tons of blue ammonia annually.

A chemical process is considered “blue” when CO2 emissions are captured before their release into the air, making the process more carbon-neutral.

Blue ammonia is seen as a key clean energy source for the energy transition since its components – nitrogen and hydrogen – do not emit carbon when combusted.

Governor John Bel Edwards reportedly said:

“To achieve our goal of net zero emissions by 2050, Louisiana must simultaneously increase new clean energy investments and decrease current greenhouse gas emissions. CF Industries’ plan to add carbon capture capabilities to its Donaldsonville plant accomplishes that, while stimulating economic activity and creating high-paying jobs in Ascension Parish. We applaud the company’s commitment to sustainability and encourage other industry leaders to recognize that decarbonization is good for both our economy and our climate.”