Home News Shreveport Christmas tree farmers are open for business

Shreveport Christmas tree farmers are open for business

by Erica Knowles
For many families, getting a live Christmas tree is a tradition. You have several options if you want to cut your own tree. Christmas tree farmers are very hopeful they will be busy this year as folks look for ways to bring a little holiday cheer into their lives during this tough year. Kevin Steele Sr. with the Southern Christmas Tree Association head Kevin Steele Sr. tells the Louisiana Radio Network early demand has been high and this could be the best year for the farmers since 2005. Steele is confident the supply is there to meet the huge expected demand. In northern states growers are facing shortages this year because they reduced supply during the economic downturn a few years back. But he says that is not expected to be a problem in Louisiana. Steele does encourage residents to think about getting your tree from a local Christmas tree farm instead of putting up fake trees this year.

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