Mother of a student, who took his own life after bullying about his COVID-19 vaccination status, says the school officials ignored the bullying because her son was white and demands former principal to be fired from his new job

The unfortunate mother says her high school student son took his own life because he was bullied at school. The 15-year-old boy was bullied by his classmates to the point that he didn’t want to live to see his future, his mom said. The boy’s parents have filed a lawsuit against the private school and demand its former principal to be fired from his new job because, according to them, he failed to prevent the tragedy and discipline the bullies. The student’s mother also said that the school officials downplayed her son’s situation because he was white. “I can assure you that if my son was black and this happened, this would have been handled at lot differently. But my son was a white Jewish kid.” the upset mother reportedly said.

The 48-year-old mom, Rosellen Bronstein, told the New York Post that the former principal of her son’s private school (LSC) ignored the student’s pleas, who then took his own life. Now, the mother wants to warn parents in New York, where the school administrator is set to start a new job next month. Bronstein also said that her 15-year-old son Nate was driven to suicide by bullies at his elite private school wants.

The mother now wants its former principal to be fired from his new job for allegedly failing to prevent the tragedy, the Daily Mail reports. Bronstein and her husband already filed a $100 million against the school and its former principal, 57-year-old Randall Dunn, claiming the school officials ignored her son’s plea for help after the student was bullied for months.

During an interview with The New York Post, the 48-year-old mother reportedly said: “I am warning all the parents of RCDS. This is going to happen again. Their kids are not going to be protected in that school under Dunn. Dunn does not care about students. He cares about himself and his career. He’s a fraud. He is dishonest.”

But, according to the NYP, the RCDS officials released a statement and said that they are standing by Dunn and hailed him as an experienced and caring educator: “Student safety is of paramount importance to the RCDS Board of Trustees, which is comprised almost entirely of current parents. 

A committee of trustees has been scrutinizing the details of this tragic case and has not found evidence that would support the aggressive claims against Mr. Dunn or that would raise safety concerns for the RCDS community. Mr. Dunn has an exemplary, 30-year track record as a compassionate and ethical educator, and we look forward to him joining RCDS.”

In Jan. 2022, 15-year-old Nate took his own life after months of bullying, his parents said. The relentless bullying was reportedly inspired by a false rumor that Nate had been unvaccinated, the lawsuit states. One of Nate’s teachers reportedly told the 15-year-old boy that ‘he was going nowhere in life.’ On two occasions, students reportedly asked Nate if his parents were anti-vaxxers. The 15-year-old student told the school officials about the bullying, which only made matters worse because it led to continued harassment. Now, Nate’s parents are afraid that what happened to their son would also happen to students at the school in New York if Dunn was left in charge.

According to the Daily Mail, the 57-year-old former principal denied the allegations and released the following statement: “While it is understandable that grieving parents would look to assign blame, that blame is misplaced and the allegations of wrongdoing the Bronsteins have made against Mr. Dunn are completely false and unfounded. Throughout his decades-long career as an educator, Mr. Dunn’s highest priority has always been the safety and well-being of the students in his care, as it will be in his new position. He is a man of integrity and compassion who has earned the trust, respect and good will of parents and colleagues – he will work to do the same at RCDS.”

But, Nate’s mother claims that her 15-year-old son would still be alive today if a different person had been in charge. She also told the New York Post that the school officials were more preoccupied with enforcing woke policies than helping her white son.

Rosellen Bronstein reportedly said: “They spent more time yelling at my son about keeping his nose covered with that mask than teaching the kids to be inclusive and kind and thoughtful and caring. They are very focused on their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion stuff and all their progressive b—–t. I can assure you that if my son was black and this happened, this would have been handled a lot differently. But my son was a white Jewish kid.”

According to the lawsuit, Nate’s classmates encouraged the boy to kill himself. The 15-year-old student reportedly told the dean of students about the bullying, but the dean took no disciplinary action against any student. His report was also kept from his parents. Bronstein and her husband Robert told CBS News that they are not suing the private school for the money. The unfortunate parents from Illinois have reportedly pledged to donate any money gained through legal proceedings to anti-bullying and anti-suicide charities.