Home News There is a new spot called The Lot in Downtown Shreveport

There is a new spot called The Lot in Downtown Shreveport

by Erica Knowles

The Lot in is a new spot opening in Downtown Shreveport! The fun is coming to 400 Crockett Street in Downtown Shreveport Nov. 20 and 21! These dates will be the launch of this new downtown food truck and park market. There will be live music by Brain Blade and the trio, local artists, and of course food trucks. If you are Shreveport/Bossier native, The Lot, is located at the old Sportran station under white tents. (Pictured below). Masks and social distance are going to enforced.

Some background on how The Lot came about. The old Sportran terminal moved in 2019 and sold to an investor in Monroe, La. Edgar Guzman and his wife Desha were cycling downtown and saw the architectural design of terminals structure. They are “foodies” and have background in the restaurant service industry and had an idea and talked how the terminal “could be so much more.” They talked to local business owners, food truck owners, City of Shreveport officials, and Norman Cone with the Small Business Development Center for funding and strategic planning. With determination and help, they made it happen because their love of food, cooking, and people fueled their passion.

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