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Trooper dies after being struck by responding officer, his brother, during traffic stop

by Erica Knowles

A North Carolina State Highway Patrol trooper died Monday after he was struck while responding to a traffic stop. A civilian motorist was also killed. The victims were killed when another trooper who was responding to the scene lost control of his vehicle and hit the stationary patrol vehicle, according to Facebook media release by the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.

The two troopers involved were brothers.

On January 3, around 9 p.m., Trooper John Horton conducted a traffic stop at High Shoals Church Road and Goodes Grove Church Road.

Officials stated that another trooper, his brother Trooper James Horton, responded to assist, according to reports.

As James approached the scene he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into his brother’s vehicle, which hit John, a 15-year veteran with the force, and the civilian motorist. The two “were standing along the roadside.”

The civilian died at the scene, while John was transported to a hospital.

John later died from his injuries.

James was transported to a local hospital where he received treatment for minor injuries, and he has since been released.

While the crash is still under investigation, according to reports, the crash occurred one day after the area received snow and dealt with quick-dropping temperatures.

“Our hearts are broken with the loss of our friend and our brother, Trooper John Horton” said Colonel Freddy Johnson Jr., commander of the State Highway Patrol.

“For all involved in this tragic event the coming days will undoubtedly be difficult, but we are committed to stand alongside with them with our thoughts, prayers and unwavering support.”

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